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Suitable for ages 2.5 years and older

We know that you are ready to get your little one to sleep and looking for some support. This is a high touch level of support where you will get access to sleep resources and tools that will help you to master your little ones sleep.​


  • Weekly 15 minute calls
  • Weekly 15 minute calls with us over the 4 weeks we work together. You can book this in with a special link to our diary! There will be regular FaceTime, videos and voice notes sent between us and your little one. 
  • Personalised Resources & Tools
  • You'll have access to our toolkit and sleep vault that will help you to support your little one with their sleep.
  • Unlimited Voxer Support -This is where you can get ongoing daily support and accountability between our calls - you'll never have to wait for answers or to share what you need!

Big Bed - 4 weeks support

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