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Online Courses

Starter Sleep Package - £47

This is for you if you feel more confident making changes to your baby’s sleep alone, you don’t need that 1:1 support but you just need a plan that you trust and believe in that is designed by you and a baby sleep expert - this course non-refundable

Morning routine

Daytime sleep

Bedtime routine

Self-settling strategies

The Night Ninja toolkit

Starter Sleep Package + 30 min call - £97

Early Mornings Course - £19.99

This is for you if you are ready to move on from starting your day at the crack of dawn, you are ready for your baby to chill in their cot in the morning. You'd like to say goodbye to those eye bags -this course non-refundable.

What time is bedtime?

When is first nap? Day-time sleep and sleep pressure!

How do you respond to your baby or child?

Exercise, natural light and sleep environment

Older children

Wake to sleep method!


Simple Naptime Steps Course - £19.99

Suitable from 4 months old to 3 years old. This course provides everything you need to know about daytime sleep!  This is for you if you are ready to nail nap-times, want to create a calm nap-time routine, you want a smooth transition when dropping naps and are ready to gain a better understanding of your baby's daytime sleep -this course non-refundable. 

Why your baby or toddler naps are so important 

Your baby or toddlers awake windows and tired cues

How much daytime sleep and how many naps your baby or toddler needs

How to create a nap time routine for your baby and toddler

How to transition from naps for your baby and toddler

Nap questions that you have about your baby and toddler naps

If your baby or toddler is overtired or undertired

Sleep "Group" Transformation - £157 Starting in September

Limited spaces for 5 families who is ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights... Is that you?

This is for you:


  • if you are ready to make positive sleep changes

  • if you need a plan that you can take at your own pace

  • if you want some support along the way while making the changes

  • if you want to be part of a group while you make the sleep changes - talking with families who are going through the same thing


What you will get?


  • Lifetime access to the Night Ninja sleep vault - includes sleep plans, videos, sleep diary & night ninja packs - bonus to early morning course and nap-time course

  • 2 week facebook support from The Night Ninja team

  • 3 LIVES in the Facebook group within the 2 weeks

  • And most importantly what you will get is to become your child’s sleep expert

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