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Meet The Team

It’s true. I’m here to help your family finally get some sleep!

Hi, I’m Lisa Lamb AKA The Night Ninja. I am a certified sleep consultant I have trained with various organisations; Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman,  London School of Childcare Studies with Julie Heginbottom, Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme by Lyndsey Hookway and Be Ready to Parent by Janet Harrison. I am a mum 3 gorgeous girls. I’m on a covert mission to make your family life more zzzzzen. Experienced at working closely with tired parents like you, if it’s more sleep you’re needing: you’re in the right place!


Getting enough sleep has always been important for my family’s own happiness, but there was a lot to learn to understand my eldest daughter’s sleep needs and get consistent sleep. Oh, the eye-bags.


The more I learnt about sleep, the more I wanted to help other families realise it’s possible to regain control of their child’s sleep with a few simple changes and WITHOUT having to leave their babies to cry alone.


I’ve since had the privilege of working with clients across the globe (including some of the UK’s favourite Insta-parents) and had the joy of seeing how better sleep can transform family life - from having more energy for the kids to finally getting snippets of adulthood back. Hello, date nights.


My Method

Backed by science, loved by parents

The consequences of sleep deprivation are REAL. Not only do you start to feel so. very. tired. but continued lack of sleep can leave you frustrated and (dare I say) slightly resentful towards your kids... #nojudgement


I hate seeing parents struggling on. Thinking they’ve exhausted all other options but to put up with a life of stop-start evenings and broken sleep... That or get professional help from someone who won’t ‘get’ your child’s needs.


I’m here to reassure you: you can forget what you’ve heard about baby sleep training! You don’t have to leave your baby to cry alone and I will take into account exactly what your individual child needs.


I’m here to listen, learn and provide a dedicated sleep plan you can put into action as easily as possible. A plan which you feel comfortable with and confident to carry out. You’ll never be made to do something you don’t want to.


I factor in your child’s age, readiness, sleep environment, how they’re sleeping throughout the day, if they’re following age appropriate bedtime routines and lots more involving the whole family.


With me, you’ll leave feeling confident and comfortable approaching any future sleep hiccups that come your way - with all the tools you need - because let’s face it, with kids there’s always something new to tackle.

sleep training

The Side-kick...

Hi I’m Amanda AKA the night ninjas sidekick here to support you with your little ones sleep!! 


I am a mum of 2 and have had a VERY different sleep experience with them both so I can definitely sympathise with you! 

My calling has always been in childcare. I have had experience in various fields including managing nurseries, working in pre schools and primary schools and have trained as a childcare assessor to help others have that passion to work with little ones as I did! 

Over the last couple of years I have been working alongside Lisa behind the scenes at Night Ninjas HQ and recently enrolled onto a course with The Sleep Charity. This has helped me gain more knowledge in infant sleep and feed my new found passion in helping little ones get the sleep they need. 

There are so many things in life where we just need a little support and guidance to make life that little bit easier.... if its sleep that you want..... then I’m here for you! 

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