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Client Love

Wondering if The Night Ninja can really help you get more sleep? Read what Lisa’s previously tired parent clients have to say...

"We are so happy that our 4 year old is able to fall asleep independently at bedtime and stays in bed until the yellow sun on his clock comes up. Thank you to Lisa for your support and guidance."


"Lisa Lamb called The Night Ninja on Instagram she has been amazing for me and Jasper helping me with Jasper’s sleep pattern, we really wasn’t in a routine at all. We are just about getting there with the night time routine it’s taken a while. I was struggling quite a lot and she has been amazing and slowly but surely we are getting some sort routine together at night and it really is thanks to her she is ace"


I’d never considered using a sleep consultant before but had terrible trouble with my second born. We were at a loss when we contacted night ninja and Lisa’s bespoke service totally fixed our problem. She’s always available and so knowledgeable and now we have a 21 month old who’s gone from many night wakings to sleeping through for 12 hours. Lisa genuinely listens and is so supportive and totally tailors the programme to your family and your needs. Couldn’t rate her highly enough! From a very happy and well slept mum!


"Lisa has been part of lives for the last 3 years.. her services in our eyes was the best investment we made. We hired Lisa to sleep train Mr S when he was 17 months, who has slept brilliantly ever since. Then No2 came along Miss A- my husband and I thought we had become sleep experts after hiring Lisa 2 years ago. After many sleepless nights whereby hubby and I thought we could solve it alone, we knew we needed more help. We followed the plan, and we got the results we wanted.. sleep! Thanks Lisa once again x"


I can't believe the change in such a short period of time! My wee boy is now consistently sleeping through the night after dealing with multiple wake ups and co sleeping for so long. The structured yet tailored program worked so well and Lisa was on hand whenever I needed her so I could ask questions and give updates on how we were progressing. I wish I had contacted her sooner!x


Thank you so much Lisa!
You have made the impossible, possible. My LO would only ever nap on me or if in cot it would only be for 30 minutes. Now she self settles and sleeps for an 1.5 hours. Not to mention the 6 wake ups during the night and she is now down to 2.
You have been a sleep angel to this very sleep deprived Mum
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Lisa provided a flexible, down to earth, realistic and overall caring support and the programme reflected the same. I would recommend this programme to everyone. Sleep deprivation is no joke! My little one now sleeps through the night from 7:30pm-6:30pm with no night wakes, I also don't have to spend 45 mind putting him down. He's now self settling without the reliance of a bottle... Wish I had started sooner.


Using the Night Ninja was the best decision I have ever made for my son. For nearly 18 months he has not wanted to sleep alone or in his bed. We tried every trick in the book to get him to sleep abs nothing worked... until we met Lisa! Within two weeks he was sleeping in his own bed, through the night and was enjoying being in his bed! I now thanks to Lisa enjoy putting him to bed and love getting a full night sleep again! I can’t thank Lisa enough for helping us!


Absolutely fantastic!! Lisa is a miracle worker and has helped us regain our days and nights so that our little on can get the sleep he deserves (and the sleep we deserve).
Lisa is really helpful, professional and certainly knows her stuff. We came into this process feeling in a rut but with the guidance given, we have made such improvements and can definitely see the benefits in our little one.
If you feel that you having battles or not getting anywhere with sleep routines, do not hesitate to get in touch as it will change your lives for the better.

Thank you so much Lisa!!!


We got the 2 week support package and it was worth every penny. Lisa was so helpful, knowledgable and supportive and the programme we got to follow was really thorough. Our little boy took to it really quickly but lisa was still on hand the whole time to answer any questions that popped up. We went from co-sleeping and hourly (or more) comfort feeds to 12 hours in his cot in his own room. Now he knows his routine and says bye bye when we finish his book, we go up,  I lie him down, leave the room and he goes off to sleep. If you had told me before hand we would get to this place i would never have believed you. I can’t recommend the Night Ninja enough.


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