Imagine who you'll be when you get some sleep! 

It’s time to give yourself some credit! Raising little humans is HARD. Especially if you’re not getting enough sleep... But if you’re winging-it-and-killin’-it now (despite exhaustion!) then imagine who you’ll be when you finally get the sleep you need?


The good news? You’re in the right place to make it happen!

I know you've tried everything...

You’ve heard it all from well-meaning relatives. You’ve tried everything your friends have recommended... But when it comes to your child’s sleep, something’s still not working and you’re not sure how many more interrupted evenings you can take!

What you really need is...

An understanding behind the science of sleep, so you can know what’s completely normal

To know what your baby’s cry means so you know how to best support them when restless

The confidence & tools to adjust your sleep routines to suit your child without feeling guilty

Who is the Night Ninja?

Hi, I'm Lisa, AKA The Night Ninja

As a certified sleep consultant and a mum of 3, I’m on a covert mission to make your family life more zzzzzen. Experienced at working closely with tired parents like you, if it’s more sleep you’re needing: you’re in the right place!


Being a mother is a huge honour. There’s much of parenthood that makes my heart want to burst! But I know the intensity of bringing up a family can be fierce too. Add lack of sleep to the mix, and it’s no surprise many of the parents who come to me are at breaking point...


I hate seeing parents struggling on. Thinking they’ve exhausted all other options but to put up with a life of stop-start evenings and broken sleep... That or get professional help from someone who won’t ‘get’ your child’s needs.


I’m here to reassure you: you can forget what you’ve heard about baby sleep training! You don’t have to leave your baby to cry alone and I will take into account exactly what your individual child needs.


Grab your FREE sleep awake times to help you to understand your baby's natural daytime sleep.

Following your baby's natural awake times will help you to understand your baby's sleep cues and help your baby to go to sleep nicely, take longer naps and reduces over-tiredness.

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No more winging it. Get bedtime confident!

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So so so amazingly proud of this lil lady, she’s spent 13 months of her life snuggled up under my sweaty armpit - pretty much 24/7 and within the last 3 nights she’s gone to sleeping 12 hours all by herself in a sleeping bag in her very own cot In her very own room.

Thank you soooo much to The Night Ninja for guiding and supporting me soooooo attentively. I couldn’t of done it without you - but I must admit I do miss cuddling her up soooooo much, and I think Joe is happy to not be sleeping on the sofa.

Jenny Scott AKA Mothers Meetings



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