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If you have a new-born baby, or are expecting one, you will soon realise that your baby does a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping and little else! It is important to allow your new-born to do as much eating and sleeping as they want during the first few weeks, but there are a few things you should keep in mind during the first six weeks.

Tip number 1

Developing self-soothing skills. It is important that we teach our children skills so they can fall asleep themselves and begin to sleep more peacefully.

Tip number 2

Encouraging full feeds during the day by creating an EAT< PLAY>SLEEP pattern.

Tip number 3

Establishing a good bedtime routine right from day one is a great way to help your baby organise days and nights and start to consolidate night-time sleep more quickly. I suggest starting a bedtime routine off with a bath – it’s a great step one. It’s such a significantly different experience that your child will soon learn that a bath means bedtime is near.

Tip number 4

It is often hard to tell when the night-time ends with a new-born. This is when we look at night or day as being a 12-hour interval. If baby went to bed at 8:00p.m., 8:00a.m. will be the start of the day. The best way to signal that the morning has officially begun is to take baby out of the room and feed in a bright daytime environment such as the living room or the kitchen.

Tip number 5

Creating a clear and predictable nap-time routine will help your baby make the transition and take a nap more readily. Awake time for New-borns 45 minute.

Tip number 6

Swaddling prevents babies from startling themselves awake and white noise drowns out the every day to day noise around the house that could wake your baby up to early.

If you’re interested in learning some remarkable new-born baby sleep tips, then get in contact with Love Sleep Consulting today where our Certified Sleep Sense Consultation Lisa Lamb can support you. When your baby sleeps better, you will notice a more patient, more tolerant, more engaging baby after a good night’s rest or quality naps. Be encouraged. It’s never too late to adopt excellent sleep habits in a baby, and ultimately help yourself get some much-needed rest as well.

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